The region

A nugget of the island of beauty, discover Bonifacio which will make you dream with its marvelous horizons! Heavenly beaches, city vibrant with emotion, gastronomy of the maquis, culture and heritage… Visit Bonifacio for a stay of a thousand flavors.
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A true jewel of southern Corsica, Bonifacio nicknamed the "Impregnable City" is rich in more than a thousand years of history and culture. Known for its translucent water with turquoise hues, its high limestone cliffs dominate the Mediterranean. Its majestic citadel stands proudly contrasting the azure horizon... By visiting Bonifacio, you will be seduced by this site of incredible beauty, between sky and sea, maquis and mountains. A place at the strongest, the most beautiful, the most surprising of nature. Take a break in an idyllic setting for an exotic stay. Similar to an open-air museum, crafts, Corsican gastronomy and endemic wildlife are the pride of this region unequivocally! By staying in Bonifacio, your holidays will be unforgettable moments tinged with authenticity and magic.
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 Hotel Santa Terresa
 Hotel Santa Terresa
Lavezzi & Cavallo Islands

The archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands is a breathtaking setting due to its small uninhabited coves and paradisiacal beaches. This landscape can leave no one indifferent, the Lavezzi Islands reveal the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea, a territory of extreme richness. Wild, this little corner of paradise is protected, Mother Nature is queen of the Lavezzi Islands. Lovers of the sea will be surprised by the opulence of the seabed and seduced by the surrounding calm. Give in to the magic of the coves with turquoise waters of the Lavezzi Islands. Like an Eden in the middle of the Mediterranean, it will reveal its charms by docking on these lands. The island of Cavallo, the most mysterious of the Lavezzi Islands, a small jewel of one square kilometer is lost in the extreme south of Corsica. Cavallo wants to be secret and confidential, reserved for lovers of tranquility and nature. Between luxury and wild beauty, the island of Cavallo is an exclusive territory with unique charm. The particularity of Cavallo lies in its dream landscapes, a mixture of maquis, granite and sand unique in the world. It forms a world apart, protected and prized by jet-setters. In the heart of this magical environment, on its idyllic beaches, there are no crowds to disrupt your holiday. Traffic is reserved for electric cars and bicycles.
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The Beaches

Between wild coves and more family beaches, the beaches of Bonifacio offer diverse panoramas, all as beautiful as each other. The beaches of Bonifacio, resolutely Mediterranean, symbolize the sweetness of life in South Corsica. The beaches Calalonga and Sperone will seduce you with their heard of fine sand, a bright white. A true haven of peace is waiting for you! One of the beaches of Bonifacio, Piantarella also known as the "lagoon of Piantarella", an enchanting place that offers one of the largest natural pools in the region. Lovers of thrills and water activities, it is suitable for windsurfing, kytesurfing, kayaking and paddle. The western part of the gulf is home to many wild and preserved coves, such as San'Amanza. Let yourself be charmed by its fierce beauty and its hills covered with maquis contrasting the azure blue of the water... Moment of escape guaranteed. The beach of Maora, sparkling day and night, borrows a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere will transport you under a musical background between calm and translucent waters. One of the most confidential beaches of Bonifacio, the beach of Fazio, is discovered after an hour of walking sheltering a rich fauna! You will find the first sailing school in Europe, the Glénans. The beach of Paragan located at the foot of the monastery of the hermitage of the Trinity is a small Bonifacian beach, landlocked between limestone and granite, its sand is of incredible finesse. It is perfect for a family getaway.
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